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Brompton Ceramic Coating

  • If you're a proud owner of a Brompton bicycle and want to take its appearance and protection to the next level, consider the benefits of ceramic coating. At Cyclopes Co, we offer professional ceramic coating services specially tailored for Brompton bikes, ensuring they look their best and stay protected.
  • Triple-Layer of SONAX Evo Ceramic Coating commonly used on vehicles can also be applied to your ride. Protect your paintwork and bring out its shine
  • Ceramic coating offers numerous benefits for your beloved Brompton bicycle, making it a worthwhile investment for enhancing both its appearance and performance. Here are the key advantages of applying ceramic coating to your Brompton:

1. Unmatched Protection:

  • Ceramic coating creates a strong and durable shield on the surface of your Brompton, safeguarding it from various external threats. It acts as a formidable barrier against UV rays, oxidation, bird droppings, road salts, tree sap, and other contaminants that can harm your bike's paint over time.

2. Prolonged Aesthetics:

  • With its hydrophobic properties, ceramic coating enhances the depth and gloss of your Brompton's paint, creating a radiant, showroom-like appearance. The coating keeps the paint looking fresh and vibrant, maintaining the allure of your bike for an extended period.

3. Easy Maintenance:

  • Ceramic coating significantly simplifies the cleaning process for your Brompton. Its water-repellent properties cause dirt, dust, and grime to slide off with ease, reducing the effort and time required for regular maintenance. Washing your bike becomes a breeze, ensuring it looks pristine after every ride.

4. Scratch and Swirl Resistance:

  • While not scratch-proof, ceramic coating does provide an extra layer of protection against light scratches and swirl marks. It helps mitigate the risk of minor imperfections caused by everyday use, preserving the smooth finish of your Brompton.

5. Chemical Resilience:

  • The coating's chemical resistance shields your Brompton from the harmful effects of acidic substances like bird droppings and tree sap. It prevents these contaminants from etching into the paint and causing permanent damage.

6. UV Ray Defense:

  • Exposure to UV rays can lead to paint fading and oxidation. Ceramic coating acts as a sunscreen for your Brompton, blocking harmful UV rays and preserving the original color and shine.

7. Enhanced Value:

  • By protecting your Brompton's paint and keeping it in prime condition, ceramic coating enhances the overall value of your bike. If you ever decide to sell or trade it, the well-maintained appearance will attract potential buyers and elevate its resale value.

8. Versatile Application:

  • Ceramic coating can be applied to various surfaces on your Brompton, including the frame, fork, handlebars, and other painted parts. It offers all-around protection for your entire bike, ensuring every inch looks its best.

9. Eco-Friendly Choice:

  • Unlike traditional chemical-laden coatings, ceramic coatings are often formulated with environmentally friendly properties, making them a greener choice for bike enthusiasts who care about sustainability.

Embrace the remarkable benefits of ceramic coating and indulge in the enduring beauty and protection it offers for your cherished Brompton. Experience worry-free rides, effortless maintenance, and a captivating shine that will make your Brompton the envy of cyclists everywhere.

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